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I’m starting to think that Jillian Banks is perfect.
Her debut album is defined by its sultry R&B beats and collaborations with notable producers like Shlohmo and Sohn, but it also gives a glimpse into Banks’ sound before the production. The result is utterly magnetizing emotion.

I dare you to not cry alone in your room to this song.


(Source: noirdeblancs)

Then it all creeps in -

Doubt, pride
Loathing, loving
Shame, resolution

The suffocation of never being enough
Or of always being too much
Of being alone -
And also of needing to be

The juxtaposition of being yourself
When everything you are is
A paradox.

do u ever just meet someone and then they start texting u a bunch and ur like, whoa, u tryna holla or what and then ur gonna hang out and ur like wait is this a date and then ur actually hanging out and ur like IS THIS A DATE OR WHAT